Scott Francis

The purpose of this site is to act as a central clearinghouse for all of my work history, projects, current contact information, and other professional information. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

In 2007 I joined Lance Gibbs to start BP3 (a.k.a. BP3 Global, Inc.).  I serve as CTO and I'm currently working on building up our BPM software implementation practice (by hiring great people, of course).  BP3 is a Business Process Company.  We're contributing to OMG certifications (OCEB in particular - read about it on our here.  We're also advising customers on process improvement generally.  And while we're at it we're deploying some great process implementations.  

In 2003,  I joined Lombardi Software as a Technical Architect in Professional Services, and I was quickly promoted to manager and then Director of Techncial Services, eventually running four regional technical field services teams in addition to a subscription service offering, and occasional stand-ins with training. Lombardi Software, based in Austin, TX, is a leading firm in the Business Process Management (BPM) space.  I had a great 4+ year run at Lombardi, and really enjoyed building the technical staff in professional services up from 2 to 35 while I was there.  

Prior to joining Lombardi Software, I worked as an independent software consultant in Austin, Texas. In January, 2002 I formed Westslope Software to manage my work: anything from custom development to consulting to technical project management. I had the good fortune to work with great companies like Dell,Reynolds & Reynolds,Seilevel,Advantvs,Cognitri,TestComp, Zettaworks, Smith Co.

Prior to founding Westslope Software, I worked for more than seven years at Trilogy Software, an enterprise software company based right here in Austin, Texas. I had a long, successful career at Trilogy, bucking the job-hopping trend of the 90's. I served in roles from consulting to technical sales, as well as running and managing consulting, technical sales, and development teams before I left in the fall of 2001. 

Contact Info
c: 512.750.1333
f: 501.423.8389