Scott Francis

What is a personal site without a resume? Here is mine, complete with links to project sites where available. For a more detailed discussion of some of the projects, check out the projects page. Links to the relevant sections:

I have 14 years of diverse technical and leadership experience, giving me an ideal background for roles in technical project management, technical consulting, and software development. I have consistently led teams to success in software development, professional services, and technical sales.  I'm not currently looking for work, but if you're interested in how I might be able to help your organization, look us up at BP3

Relevant Skills
TEAM LEADERSHIP. Proven track record of growing and leading teams to be self-sufficient, business-aligned, and customer-focused. Consistently placed in leadership roles. Proven ability to find, recruit, and develop talent.

CLIENT COMMUNICATION. Fourteen years of customer-facing experience with Fortune 500 customers. Effectively communicates a broad set of topics - from return on investment to specific implementation issues - to audiences ranging from C-level executives to developers.

DOMAIN EXPERTISE. Industries: automotive, computer hardware, telecommunications. Software: enterprise applications, enterprise application integration, front office, configuration, and web services.

SOLID TECHNICAL SKILLS. Java, J2EE, EAI, C, Objective-C, CML, Object Oriented Design and Development, JSP, Servlets, ASP, IIS, IPlanet, XML, XSL, HTML/DHTML, Databases. Expertise includes requirements gathering, software design/architecture, and software development process.

Work Experience

12/07 - Present

  • I joined Lance Gibbs to start BP3 - A Business Process Company.  We're focused on building our team and helping our customers achieve real ROI with Business Process improvement. 
Lombardi Software

Chief Architect and Director of Technical Services
6/03 - 12/07

  • Promoted to Director of Technical Services in 2005.  Hired the regional technical consulting team from 2 people to 35+.
  • Presided over hundreds of successful BPM implementations
  • Joined Lombardi Software as the Senior Architect and Manager of Technical Services in the Professional Services group.
Westslope Software

Founder and President
1/02 - 6/03

  • Founded Westslope Software, LLC as a vehicle to manage my software implementation consulting engagements. Leveraging expertise in configuration, integration, enterprise systems, and enterprise technologies such as Java, J2EE, UML, XML, and web services.
  • Starting January 2003, working with TestComp, Inc. to project manage a key performance analysis project for Smith Co. Managed a technical team in India, as well as coordinating support and testing activities with our client. Responsible for project planning, budgeting, reporting results, execution. Our work saved over $1M in potential productivity losses for the customer. We analyzed a web application employing BEA 6.1 and an Oracle DB.
  • Starting March 2002, Working with a Fortune 1000 customer in Ohio with their front office technology deployment to their sales force. Performed requirements gathering, design, and implementation tasks for this customer. In August, won repeat business to deploy new productlines over the next 6 months; completed this work early in December of 2002.
  • Ran a development team for Dell and Seilevel to deploy a shared cart implementation for Dell Online and for their inside sales applications. An 8-week project resulting in successful deployment for the holiday season. Responsible for planning, risk management, high-level architecture. Technology port from an ASP/Commerce Server to .NET and C#.
  • Released prophit, a performance profiling data visualization application. Currently supports Java profiles but can support other languages and tools in time. Built the site, and worked with Kevin Gilpin to produce the product.
Relevant Technologies: C++, Perl, UML, SQL, VB, .NET, C#.

Trilogy Software

Senior Consultant, Configuration Solutions
5/01 - 11/01

  • As part of downsizing and focus on customer success and deployments, took a position on the deployment at Sun, to help deliver success for a very unhappy customer. Participated in the rollout of Sun Webdesk, an internet configuration sales tool for Sun call centers and sales reps.
  • In May, the project was 30 days from being cancelled. On October 31st, Sun declared the deployment successful. Usage of the Webdesk system improved from 25% in May to 83% in September (percentage of total quote volume at Sun).
  • Sun required 100% product coverage for config. Implemented three high-end tape storage products across several high-end server lines. Overall product coverage reached 90% in October, up from 60% in May.
  • Implemented a model for dynamic incremental configuration (adding, moving, and deleting parts to an existing configuration), across all Enterprise Server products.
  • Mentored 5 members of the 20-person team in development process, configuration technology, and customer management skills. All three were initially perceived by Sun to be weaknesses on the deployment team.
  • Introduced a straightforward method of unit testing to CML (Configuration Modeling Language) to address regression errors in releases to the field. Resolution of these errors is key critical to ongoing success at Sun.
Relevant Technologies: CML, Java, IPlanet, HTML, Perl, emacs-lisp, XML, XSL, SQL.

Development Manager, Configuration Solutions
7/00 - 5/01

  • Promoted to run the development team for Trilogy's flagship products: SalesBUILDER and MCC Config, because the team needed product direction and motivated leadership with domain expertise.
  • Rebuilt the team from the ground up through internal recruiting of configuration experts to build a world class team of 15.
  • Planned and built the next release of SalesBUILDER, targeted at Internet deployments. Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) increased from less than 1 day to 7 days for multi-processor, multi-user applications. CPU utilization on a four-processor machine increased from 25% to 90%. Eliminated all known severity 1 and 2 defects.
  • Made MCC Config the most scalable configurator on the market. Performed 100-1000x faster than competitors on a benchmark developed by a leading competitor. On internal benchmarks, increased performance by 10-100x in a 3-month period by applying intelligent page caching and predictive page generation (pre-fetch).
  • Developed prototype of next generation configuration engine. This prototype was 100% Java, backward compatible, 25-50% faster, 50% less memory consumptive, and 1/50 the number of lines of code. Purpose was to provide the next price/performance point for Internet deployments for our high-end configuration customers.
  • Prioritized and communicated development plans and critical defect resolution to customers (including Sun, IBM, NCR, and SGI).
Relevant Technologies: C++, SmartHeap, Java, XML, Java Virtual Machine, Java byte code, unit resolution.

Technical Sales Manager
1/99 - 6/00

  • Led technical teams of 4-10 during the sale, setting technical strategy for the sale, coordinating development of customer-specific prototypes. Led consulting engagements to ensure customer success following a sale.
  • Nortel Networks. Technical lead of e-commerce platform sale to Nortel Networks for ~$5M software and consulting. Continued as technical lead for two projects, PM for one, in order to ensure customer success. Built team of 10 for the keystone project. Site targeted to resellers and large customer accounts.
  • Other Accounts. Technical lead on Xerox ($3.5M). Assisted with configuration direction for Fujitsu ($2.5M).
  • Considered company expert in communicating technology issues to the customer during sales cycles. Moved to Technical Sales to lead technical teams through sales cycles and deployments with Fortune 500 customers.
  • Leadership track record led to selection for Trilogy leadership program (Trilogy University Section Lead), where responsibilities included mentorship and training of 30 new college hires in fall 1999.
Relevant Technologies: Java, Microsoft IIS, ASP, JSP, Servlets, EJB, CORBA, SQL, OQL, Trilogy technologies.

Technical Project Manager
8/94 - 1/99

  • After 1 year as a Lead Consultant, culminating in a Trilogy "Super-Star" Award, promoted to Technical Project Manager (1 of 5) to improve deployment success rate.
  • Ford Motor Company. $100M+ sale of software and services to Ford Motor Company including all brand configuration websites, and Global Product Definition for their product definition process. Led the development of the Global Product Definition prototype interface for maintaining data. Pioneered Configuration Completion (separation of User Selected State, Engine State, and Completed State). Websites resulting from this relationship include,,,
  • Toyota Motor Sales. Led deployment effort for Toyota, including ASP config implementation.
  • Developed first Auto Consumer Internet configuration website for Volvo in 1997 (a Java applet). Became widely recognized and utilized as the web configuration expert within Trilogy and among customer teams.
  • Developed replicated, stand-alone, and distributed client-server systems for call centers and sales reps with SalesBUILDER and Selling Chain products.
  • Led multiple customer engagements, from technical evaluations to deployments. Lead technical consultant in the Automotive Business Unit, after several years working in Telecommunications and Computer accounts.
  • Technical responsibilities: system architecture, technical evaluations, demonstrations, implementations.
Relevant Technologies: Java, VB, JSP, ASP, Servlets, SQL, OQL, CML, COM, Trilogy technologies.

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
1990 - 1994
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  • Resident Computer Consultant and Section Leader for Computer Science classes.
  • Summer Intern and Senior Project at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).
    • Founded GNU-step, an OPENSTEP implementation on X-windows/Motif for statistical applications.
    • Implementation involved reverse engineering the NeXTSTEP Application Kit with objective-C and X-windows/Motif, then moving the application onto the compatible interfaces on the new platform.