Scott Francis


Currently I'm the CTO of BP3 (BP3 Global, Inc.).  If you need help with your business process, or with a BPM implementation, check our our website and then reach out to us, we can help.  

Lombardi Software
Previously I was employed as Chief Architect and Director of Technical Services at Lombardi Software. After more than 4 years at Lombardi and more than 12 cumulative years working for software companies, it seemed like a good time to move into a pure professional services company next.  My tenure at Lombardi was great- compounding growth in excess of 100% every year for over 4 years, and helping define an emerging space through success in the field.  Best of all, it was a great experience working with the great people who work there and the great people I was fortunate enough to be able to hire while there. 
Westslope Software
Interested in all kinds of technical and management contracting work, I founded Westslope Software to pursue just such opportunities. I think you can see the focus of my business via Westslope Software:

Lead. At Dell, I stepped in to help Seilevel run an 8-week development project, from planning to User Acceptance, melding a team of contractors and full-time employees, on a tight schedule with a big upside for success, and massive negative consequences for failure. At Smith Co, I took on an important proving project for TestComp in their partnership with Zettaworks. A successful project would lead to a fruitful partnership. A failed project would forego that revenue. When I take on a project, I'll tell you what the risks are, and what we can do about them. I'll also tell you my recommendations moving forward. Once a decision is made, I'm going to lead the team in that direction.

Implement. At Reynolds, implemented the configuration model for their new productline, the Generations Series, along with supporting C++ and VB application code, and a test harness. I don't care what it is: C++, Java, VB, Perl, C#. If its software, and you need help with it, I can help.

Deliver. On time and on budget, the projects I work on succeed. I'm not going to make excuses, I'm going to get the job done.